Who may be legally liable for a truck accident?

| Jun 6, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Truck accidents can cause unthinkable harm and catastrophic injuries to victims. As a result, truck accident victims must know about the personal injury legal protections available to help them and who may be liable to compensate truck accident victims for the harm they have suffered. Truck accident victims may have questions, however, about how the legal process can help.

Truck accidents can cause extensive physical, financial and emotional damages to victims. Truck accident victims may be left needing help with medical expenses, lost earnings and compensation for the emotional trauma suffered in a truck accident. A personal injury claim for damages can help injured truck accident victims recover compensation for their damages from the negligent party or parties responsible for the harm they have suffered.

Parties that may be responsible, depending on the circumstances, for the harm suffered by truck accident victims can include a negligent truck driver or trucking company that may be liable to compensate injured victims for the harm they have suffered. Depending on the employment relationship between the truck driver and trucking company, if there is one and the degree of control the trucking company exercised over the truck driver, both parties may be liable to compensate truck accident victims for the harm they have suffered.

Truck accident liability is important for truck accident victims to understand to ensure they can recover compensation to help with the injuries and harm they have suffered. It is valuable for truck accident victims and their families to have information to help them understand the legal remedies and protections available to them when harmed in a truck accident.

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