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Wrongful death legal protections can help after a fatal accident

Car accidents can devastate victims and their families, which can be especially true in circumstances of a fatal car accident or fatal truck or motorcycle accident. Because of this, it is essential for surviving family members of victims of fatal car accidents to be familiar with the wrongful death legal protections available to them, since they can serve as an important remedy for the harm they have suffered.

Wrongful death legal actions can hold accountable a negligent driver who is responsible for the harm suffered by victims and surviving family members. When a loved one has been wrongfully lost, surviving family members may be able to recover compensation for their damages, including loss of support and services; loss of companionship; loss of future earnings; and medical and funeral costs. The exact type and extent of damages depends on the circumstances and characteristics of the victim, but financial and emotional damages may generally be available to surviving family members.

Workplace injury claims may be difficult to resolve fairly

Workplace injuries can occur in any profession or work environment, and most employers hold liability for their workers while they are on the job or acting on behalf of the employer. If you recently suffered an injury at work, you probably have grounds for a workers' compensation claim, or may be able to hold your employer liable for your injury some other way.

Workers' compensation protects both employers and employees, providing care and compensation for injured workers and also limiting the ability of workers to sue their employer. While you typically cannot sue your employer for a workplace injury directly, a strong workers' compensation claim may address lost income and provide the medical care you need to recover.

Understanding time limits associated with personal injury claims

Personal injury claims for damages are a vital protection available to victims who are injured in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other types of traumatic events. Because of the importance of seeking compensation through a personal injury claim, it is essential that car accident victims are familiar with the time limits associated with a personal injury claim for damages.

Time limits associated with personal injury claims require that victims of car accidents or other events that are caused by the negligence of another bring a claim against the party responsible for their damages within a specified period of time. Those time limits are referred to as statutes of limitation and can vary by claim type and state, so it is important for victims to be familiar with the time limits in their state.

Legal resources for truck accident victims

Truck accidents can be devastating for those they injure. Because of the significant size disparity between large trucks and passenger vehicles they share the roadways with, truck accident victims can suffer serious injuries that are disfiguring or disabling and may even result in death. Given the serious nature of truck accidents, it is important for truck accident victims to know that their legal rights are protected.

Large commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when they are fully loaded. On the other hand, most passenger vehicles weight approximately 4,000 pounds. Because large trucks are as much as 20 times larger than the average passenger vehicle, a collision with a commercial truck can be catastrophic for victims. Following the truck accident, victims may notice medical bills pile up as they suffer lost wages because they are unable to work because of their injuries. A personal injury claim for damages may help truck accident victims with their physical, financial, and emotional damages.

Fatal Indiana motorcycle accident claims life of 18-year old

In an Indiana community around an hour south of the Fort Wayne area, an 18-year old man was recently killed in a motorcycle accident. The accident occurred as the motorcyclist was traveling east and a vehicle driven by another 18-year old man traveling west turned south in front of motorcyclist without seeing him. Following the motorcycle crash, the motorcycle caught fire. The driver of the passenger vehicle that struck the motorcycle was not injured.

Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries and the loss of life. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents are caused by inattentive drivers or drivers who fail to spot a motorcyclist on the road. Motorcycle accidents can claim the lives of victims and commonly occur when a driver of a motor vehicle violates the right of way of a motorcyclist by turning in front of them.

The dangers of distracted driving

Driving distracted involves any behavior that drivers engage in that removes their attention and focus from the roadway. What is important to remember is that a distracted driver is dangerous and can result in serious injuries and harm to victims.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 3.328 victims were killed and 421,000 victims were injured in distracted driving-related car accidents during 2012. A total of 17% of all car accidents that caused injury involve driver distraction. Personal injury legal protections can hold distracted drivers accountable for their negligence and help victims and their families with the harm they have suffered. It is important for injured victims to be familiar with the personal injury legal protections available to them when harmed by a distracted driver.

How can you protect your children from dog bite attacks?

Dogs can make great friends and companion animals, but they can also be a major source of risk. After all, dogs are animals, and they can sometimes behave in unpredictable or dangerous manners. Even small dogs can hurt a child severely.

As a parent, you, no doubt, want to do anything in your power to keep your kids safe. Teaching your children some basic safety rules can help them stay safe around dogs. Preventing a dog bite attack not only saves your child from physical injury, but it can also help you prevent a lifetime of fear and trauma as a result of a childhood dog attack.

Who may be legally liable for a truck accident?

Truck accidents can cause unthinkable harm and catastrophic injuries to victims. As a result, truck accident victims must know about the personal injury legal protections available to help them and who may be liable to compensate truck accident victims for the harm they have suffered. Truck accident victims may have questions, however, about how the legal process can help.

Truck accidents can cause extensive physical, financial and emotional damages to victims. Truck accident victims may be left needing help with medical expenses, lost earnings and compensation for the emotional trauma suffered in a truck accident. A personal injury claim for damages can help injured truck accident victims recover compensation for their damages from the negligent party or parties responsible for the harm they have suffered.

Wrongful death legal protections after a fatal car accident

Surviving Indiana family members of victims of fatal car accidents need legal protections such as wrongful death legal protections. Fortunately, personal injury wrongful death legal protections are available to help loved ones with some of the damages they face following a fatal car accident.

An unexpected car accident can change the lives of victims and their families forever. Surviving family members can also suffer financial and emotional damages as a result of a fatal car accident. A wrongful death claim is a type of personal injury claim that surviving family members can bring to assist with the damages they have suffered. It can be brought on behalf of the lost loved one's estate for the benefit of surviving family members.

Legal protections for motorcyclists this motorcycle season

Indianan Motorcycle accidents can cause debilitating injuries for victims. This blog recently discussed the types of damages that may be available to car accident victims. Motorcycle accident victims can also recover compensation for their damages, including physical, financial and emotional harm, suffered in a motorcycle accident through a personal injury claim for damages.

Motorcycle accident victims may need help with medical expenses, lost wages and the emotional harm that can be suffered in a motorcycle accident. They may be able to recover compensation for their damages from a negligent driver responsible for the accident. Motorcycle riders are 5 times more likely to be injured and 29 times more likely to be killed in an accident with a car than those traveling in cars. Motorcycle riders are uniquely vulnerable to harm on the roadways.

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